Summer is nearly upon us again, and with it Showtime trots out its Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan for a third year. Both will occupy their usual summer slots, but where Masters of Sex has added The Good Wife castoff Josh Charles for Season 3, Ray Donovan already has a bevy of new trailers, showcasing cast additions Katie Holmes and Deadwood alum Ian McShane.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the time-jumping third season of Masters of Sex will feature Charles as Daniel Logan, described as “a self made businessman working in the scent industry. In an attempt to bottle the smell of sex and market an aphrodisiac to the general public, Dan seeks out Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson’s (Lizzy Caplan) expertise on desire. A charismatic salesman, Dan’s involvement with Masters and Johnson becomes complicated.”

Having moved to the national focus of Masters & Johnson’s work, the drama is also looking to cast a young Hugh Hefner, of Playboy fame.

Meanwhile, Masters’ sister series Ray Donovan has already released a multitude of new trailers for its third season, spotlighting Ian McShane as a powerful new producer named Andrew. Additionally, Katie Holmes will play his daughter Paige, a shrewd businesswoman in her own right.

Both series will premiere their third seasons on Sunday, July 12, while we’ve included the full set of Ray Donovan trailers below.

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