If you thought Judy Greer couldn’t squeeze in another wifely role this summer, Showtime has you covered. The Jurassic World / Tomorrowland / Ant-Man / Married star will join Masters of Sex Season 3 late in its run as that of another notable spouse, but to whom, you ask?

Per Showtime’s official announcement, Greer will make a late-in-the-game guest turn on the penultimate episode of Masters of Sex Season 3 as Alice Logan, wife to perfume magnate Daniel Logan (Josh Charles). Where Charles will make his first appearance this coming Sunday, Greer’s character will emerge as “a recovering alcoholic and long-suffering spouse” who joins her husband and Masters and Johnson for “a painful dinner in which agendas collide, truths are exposed and no relationship emerges in the state it entered.”

Having premiered on July 12, the third season of Masters of Sex took a time jump to 1966, after which the titular pair (Sheen and Lizzy Caplan)’s study had already been published. Year 3 sees Masters of Sex focusing on the national implications of Masters & Johnson’s work, other guest stars including The Walking Dead alum Emily Kinney, Maggie Grace, Tate Donovan and a returning Sarah Silverman.

Granted, it’ll be a while yet before we see Greer, take a look at sneak peeks from Masters of Sex Season 3's third installment this coming Sunday.

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