Crossing over into June has put us one small step closer to Showtime’s summer lineup of Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan returning for Season 3 on July 12, but the first official promo takes a giant leap for mankind.

Pairing footage of the new season with the 1969 moon landing (Masters of Sex Season 3 will leap forward in time a number of years, after all), the first official trailer sees Masters (Michael Sheen) and Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) coming under scrutiny as public figures for exploiting “the sexual revolution.” And while the Emmy-winning Showtime drama is no stranger to subverting sexual boundaries, we have to wonder what has Johnson and Masters’ wife Libby  (Caitlin Fitzgerald) seeming so chummy.

Says Showrunner Michelle Ashford to EW:

We start with the book, and we’re going to chronicle all the different kinds of reactions they got. What does that do to people who have been so private up until this point hiding this work? A lot of the stuff we’re doing this season is about this emergence from the underground out into the light, and it’s really fun because what was going on in the world at the time was the same thing. Things were going crazy.

In addition to the time jump, the third season of Masters of Sex will feature The Good Wife star Josh Charles as Daniel Logan, a self made businessman working in the scent industry. Having moved to the national focus of Masters & Johnson’s work, the drama is also looking to cast a young Hugh Hefner, of Playboy fame.

Masters of Sex Season 3 will premiere on Sunday, July 12, alongside new episodes of Ray Donovan. Now with added Katie Holmes!