Aside from behaving like a normal, un-intimidating human being, there’s nothing Michael Shannon can’t do. When stuck in waiting rooms or the like, a fun way to pass the time is imagining Shannon taking over the lead role in any movie. It’s a can’t-fail formula for success: Jaws, but the shark is Michael Shannon? I’m there. Mulholland Dr., but Michael Shannon takes over both of Naomi Watts’ parts? Two tickets, please. A Transformers movie where Shannon appears in place or the giant alien robot? That would actually somehow make more sense. So when you see a headline that says “Michael Shannon bigfoot dramedy,” you can pretty much stop reading.

That’s all I need to know about the new film Pottersville, announced as Netflix’s latest acquisition on The Wrap. But for those of us not yet convinced, here’s a little more: in the indie project, Shannon portrays an area businessman who creates a viral stir when he dons a gorilla costume after a long night of drinking and staggers through the woods in view of a camcorder-wielding hiker. When the incident sparks a sensation in the town and attracts national media, Shannon’s torn over whether he should come out with the truth and put an end to the brouhaha, or stoke it further by trading his monkey suit for a gorilla suit once again. The Wrap’s item succinctly pitches it as “It’s a Wonderful Life, but with, you know, Sasquatch.”

But wait, there’s more! Shannon’s co-stars on the project include a fan-favorite trio of Thomas Lennon, Ian McShane, and Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman. Fans of gruff 50s-to-60s character actors are in serious luck. In a final analysis: Michael Shannon bigfoot dramedy. Michael Shannon bigfoot dramedy. Michael Shannon bigfoot dramedy.

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