Once Netflix set a Dear White People TV series with original creator Justin Simien, one had to wonder who else from the 2014 film might come aboard. Tessa Thompson is understandably busy with movies these days, for which Powers star Logan Browning nabs the leading role, while at least one other star will return from the original film.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Browning will take the lead role of Samantha White, a biracial film major “at a crossroads of a political movement on her Ivy League campus” due to the titular radio show. Meanwhile, Brandon P. Bell will reprise his original film role as Troy Fairbanks, son of the dean and “a charming political science major who is campaigning to become Winchester University’s first black student president.”

According to Netflix’s original announcement, the 10-episode, 30-minute comedy will follow the 2014 film (itself emerged from Simien’s 2012 concept trailer), the synopsis reading:

Set among a diverse group of students of color as they navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college where racial tensions are often swept under the rug, Dear White People is a send up of “post-racial” America that also weaves a universal story about forging one’s own unique path.

Entering production this year for a 2017 debut, Dear White People will also feature Simien writing all ten episodes, as well directing the premiere, with Yvette Lee Bowser, Stephanie Allain Bray and Julia Lebedev executive producing. The film’s cast also included The Walking Dead alum Tyler James Williams and 24 great Dennis Haysbert.

Dear White People will also join Lionsgate TV’s other Netflix property, Orange is the New Black, while you can check out the film version’s trailer below, and stay tuned for further details.

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