With Netflix due to birth its much-heralded 'Arrested Development' reunion season this weekend, the streaming service's original series future seems brighter than ever. 'House of Cards' has already begun shooting a second season, and there's several new original offerings lined up in the coming months, but will Eli Roth's moderately-received 'Hemlock Grove' get a second season? Hear what Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos has to say about the prospect inside!

'Hemlock Grove' may not have debuted to the critical fervor of its Netflix original series predecessor 'House of Cards,' nor was it as eagerly received as 'Arrested Development' has proven to be, but the Eli Roth horror series still achieved a strong debut by Netflix's own measurement. The question remains however, will Netflix order a second round of the supernatural horror thriller?

Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos and VP original programming Cindy Holland recently gave a fascinating interview to The Hollywood Reporter on Netflix's past, present and future models of original programming, among the discussion an acknowledgement of 'Hemlock Grove's differing tastes and renewal prospects. Clarifying that they're "hearing the pitches for the second season with plotlines and storylines now," Sarandos said of 'Hemlock Grove's appeal:

Hemlock is much more polarizing [than House of Cards]; you either love it or hate it. The crossover for the people who love the show was American Horror Story, not The Vampire Diaries. It was incredibly popular in the Nordics because of the popularity of the Skarsgards [Bill Skarsgard stars] and in Latin America, where the horror genre is very big.

Cindy Holland added:

We’ll certainly look at how much viewing activity is taking place compared to what we projected when we licensed the series. How do we think it will play out over time? Is there an audience that justifies the expense? Certainly, what does it do for the overall conversation about Netflix? And long term, does it mean incremental subscribers or that subscribers stay around longer?

'Arrested Development' will no doubt prove a benchmark of success in Netflix's future, while a second season of 'House of Cards' had already been ordered in the original deal, but 'Hemlock Grove' will likely carve out its own definition of success to the streaming service. Elsewhere, Netflix will premiere 'Weeds' creator Jenji Kohan's 'Orange is the New Black' on July 11, followed by Ricky Gervais' 'Derek' on September 12.

For those unfamiliar with 'Hemlock Grove,' the 13-episode series follows the brutal murder of a young girl at the Godfrey steel mill, while 17-year-old Gypsy/rumored werewolf Peter Rumancek, along with Godfrey estate heir Roman, decide to find the killer themselves. The series stars Famke Janssen, Lili Taylor, Bill Skarsgard (brother to ‘True Blood‘s’ Alexander), Dougray Scott, Penelope Mitchell and Landon Liboiron, and was based on the original novel by Brian McGreevy.

What say you? Would you want to see a second season of 'Hemlock Grove,' given the lukewarm reception to season 1? What new series would you want to see Netflix pick up?

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