Given Netflix's relatively green status as a host of original "TV" content, we were surprised to learn that Kevin Spacey Emmy-nom 'House of Cards' might have come to an end after its second season, with the futures of other Netflix Originals equally uncertain. Now, Netflix exec Ted Sarandos has opened up on the future of the series, along with the lifespans for fellow series 'Orange Is the New Black' and 'Arrested Development.'

"I think if you look at the original 'House of Cards,' there was a natural third season, and we could go well beyond that," Sarandos told reporters at a recent entertainment conference. "['Orange Is the New Black'] is a world that could be very, very transient. That has exciting long-term potential. And Mitch Hurwitz has a great idea [for more 'Arrested Development.'] It's a matter of cast availability. We would like to do it at a time when we could get more of the cast together at one time than we did with season 4 -- and we're looking of ways to doing that right now."

Netflix had originally purchased two season of 'House of Cards' outright to secure its status as a provider of original content, though the move left a third season in question recently, as producer Rick Cleveland expressed doubt that series leads Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright would take additional time off from their film careers to sign a new 'House of Cards' contract. 'Orange Is the New Black' was renewed for a second season prior to releasing its first, though several production problems have allegedly emerged there, as well.

The same goes for the future of 'Arrested Development,' though Sarandos and creator Mitch Hurwitz have spoken out at length about the direction of future content, assuring Netflix will host whatever chapter of the Bluth family emerges next. One curious tidbit emerged from Sarandos' remarks earlier, however, regarding Netflix's notorious secrecy with viewership numbers of its original series, as Sarandos revealed that "tens of millions" had seen 'House of Cards' and 'OItNB,' though even close partners haven't been given exact numbers. "Even David Fincher doesn't know."

What say you? Are you confident Netflix will move forward with its original series like 'House of Cards' and 'Orange Is the New Black'? Would you prefer to see Netflix take on shorter seasons than the average American production model? Let's all replay the 'House of Cards' theme for hours on end as we think it over, and give us your take in the comments!