Can we just talk about Netflix for a second, and how friggin' convenient it is? Currently, previous seasons of 'The Walking Dead,' 'Breaking Bad,' 'Mad Men' and 'LOST' are all available for free on Instant, along with some awesome movies like 'Iron Man 2' and 'Thor.' But now Netflix is broadening its online audience by offerring subtitles to all of its available video content.

The online movie streaming service already has the subtitle option on about 82% of its titles, but a new agreement struck in court the other day will guarantee all web-based video content will be updated by the year 2014. Plus, the company has agreed to include the subtitle option across all operating devices (i.e. smartphones, iPads, etc.), since not all portable Netflix-operating gadgets have the service.

So why now? Why all of a sudden at this moment is Netflix broadening the scope of users? Well, according to CNN, the action is in response to a lawsuit filed by the National Association for the Deaf in 2010. The suit claimed that since Netflix calls itself a "place of public accommodation," it should comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which prohibits the discrimination of disabled persons.

In a statement, NAD CEO Howard Rosemblum declared, "The National Association of the Deaf congratulates Netflix for committing to 100 percent captioning, and is thrilled to announce that 48 million deaf and hard of hearing people will be able to fully access Netflix's Watch Instantly services."

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