We’re just one day away from the Netflix premiere of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, and already looking ahead to Daredevil Season 2, but with so much of Luke Cage already established in our second Defenders series, many a rumor have spread over the absence of Iron Fist news. Now, Marvel boss Joe Quesada shoots down recent reports Iron Fist has been downgraded to a film, as well as the possibility of a Punisher extension.

Speaking to IGN from the Jessica Jones premiere, Quesada was swift to downplay recent suggestions that Marvel might abandon plans for an Iron Fist series, instead slotting in Jon Bernthal’s Punisher as the fourth Defender. Without offering great detail, Quesada said simply:

‘Iron Fist’ is being worked on, that’s all I can say … Where did you read these rumors? Oh, they were on the internet? So they must be true!

When asked if audience reaction to Jon Bernthal’s Punisher might influence potential for his own series, Quesada played a bit more coy:

I think we’d love to see something happen, but it’s way too soon to tell, and we don’t necessarily like to discuss which metrics we use to decide these things. What I can tell you, is that anyone who is a hardcore Punisher fan is going to be blown away and incredibly satisfied by Bernthal’s take on Frank Castle. It’s one of those cases where it’s the character from the pages come to life.

Rumors that Marvel might shelve its Iron Fist series in favor of a Netlfix movie seemed dubious, though they were at least based on more credible reports that the creative team had some difficulty cracking a specific vision for the character, and his inherent mysticism. Other rumors have place Marvel’s Moon Knight in contention for a series, but should we expect Iron Fist news imminently?

We’ll let you know, as soon as we’re done binging Jessica Jones half a dozen times this weekend. Who needs sleep?

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