Marvel has revealed precious little of its Netflix Iron Fist to date, casting under lock and key with showrunner Scott Buck. That said, we may have a clue toward the writing staff (as well as its implications for Jessica Jones), as producer Scott Reynolds may have spilled the beans on his involvement.

Take this with a grain of salt for now, but those following Jessica Jones writer and producer Reynolds noticed a recent update to his Twitter bio (via ComicBook), seemingly confirming that the prior Dexter and The Following scribe would work in the Iron First writers room as well. Reynolds apparently since changed his profile back, though the change was noted in framegrab:

Netflix Iron Fist Scott Reynolds
Twitter / @jscottamy

Granted, Reynolds only has writing credit on four Jessica Jones episodes (among them Season 1 finale “AKA Smile”), one wonders if the writer-producer’s presence on the Iron Fist staff would confirm that Jessica Jones’ second season won’t enter a writing phase anytime soon, rather waiting until after the Defenders teamup. Marvel maintains it hasn’t decided between scheduling Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders, Jessica Jones Season 2 or possibly others, though Netflix previously expressed inclination to premiere only two Marvel series per year.

Casting on Iron Fist could arrive any day now (itself a notably divisive topic), but could Reynolds’ update prove our newest Iron Fist hire? What might it say of Jessica Jones?

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