Even as Netflix continues expanding its original programming (and upping subscriber rates in the meantime), you’d be hard pressed not to at least notice the epic Marco Polo series. Now, the expensive international series prepares to return for a second season announcing a July debut with the first official teaser.

There isn’t very much to see by the first Season 2 promo, in spite of a wealth of production value that made the first season such a notably impressive, if commercially disappointing launch. The teaser promises plenty of fire and swords clanging, also setting a firm July 1 premiere.

In addition to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Michelle Yeoh, the Marco Polo Season 2 cast includes Lorenzo Richelmy as the famed historical figure himself, along with, Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan, Joan Chen as Empress Chabi, as well as Zhu Zhu, Olivia Cheng, Claudia Kim, Rick Yune, Remy Hii, Mahesh Jadu and Uli Latukefu.

It could be some time before Netflix delivers an actual Marco Polo Season 2 promo, but will the July 1 release outshine its predecessor? Watch the original trailer below.

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