Well, if Steven Spielberg taught us anything with 'Jurassic Park,' its that dinosaurs can never truly be dead: only dead-ish.  But with the latest nail in the coffin for FOX's epic sci-fi drama 'Terra Nova,' it'd take a miracle to undo meteor-like damage of this proportion.

Just two weeks after announcing their potential interest in picking up a second season of the then-cancelled FOX serial 'Terra Nova,' Deadline TV announces that streaming giant Netflix has abandoned the negotiations with 20th Century Fox.  With no other networks lined up to produce a second season of the bloated sci-fi hit, it seems highly unlikely the show could move forward.

That isn't to say that 'Terra Nova' couldn't' find rescue on another network, given that 20th Century Fox is keeping the actors in their contracts, despite leads Jason O'Mara, Allison Miller and Christine Adams booking other pilots in second position.  Still, the show's rather costly price tag is likely to prevent even the major networks from plunking down that kind of cash on a show that endured modest, if successful ratings.

If indeed FOX decides to scrap the series altogether, 'Terra Nova' will become yet another in a long list of high-profile sci-fi series to be cancelled by the network, including 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' and most famously with 2003's 'Firefly.'  Netflix has been on a kick lately of adding original programming to its slate, and talks remain underway to add ABC's freshman drama 'The River' to its ranks, a far less expensive series than 'Terra Nova.'

Sad, but not altogether unsurprising.  What say you, 'Terra Nova' fans?  Is there any hope left for the sci-fi series, or is it best left fossilized?  Tell us which way you'd like to see 'Terra Nova' go in the comments below!