It's only been a few days since FOX announced they wouldn't be renewing freshman time-traveling sci-fi drama Terra Nova, but already it looks like Netflix could be pulling a 'Jurassic Park' on the expensive series.

Deadline reports that "preliminary" talks are underway toward bringing 'Terra Nova' back for another season, much in the same way the DVD rental giant picked up the forthcoming season of 'Arrested Development', though the reports stress that these talks are strictly preliminary rather than actual negotiations.  Of course, bringing back 'Arrested Development' with 20th Century Fox isn't nearly as great a financial challenge as the just-cancelled dino-drama, which reportedly cost around $4 million an episode, but 'Terra Nova' fans at least have some favorite hope of seeing the Shannon family once more.

In spite of its costly production, 'Terra Nova' still ranked as a top 10 DVR gainer, and maintained very modest ratings amongst its 18-49 demographic.  It also doesn't hurt that Netflix is slowly, but surely looking to strengthen and explain their brand with more original programming, possibly even developing toward it's own cable network, and a well-publicized show like 'Terra Nova' with a big name like Steven Spielberg attached could match the show's huge international gains with FOX.

It's all somewhat speculative right now, but on the plus side, isn't it nice the way "cancellation" doesn't necessarily mean what it used to?  ::: Looks longingly at 'Firefly' DVD, sheds one single tear :::

What say you, 'Terra Nova' fans?  Would you like to see the sci-fi dino-drama find new life on Netflix, or should we learn our lesson from John Hammond about what happens when man brings back dinosaurs?

You know, if 'Alcatraz' ends up cancelled too, I'm going to have some very relevant Sam Neill jokes to make about this whole thing.

To the comments, readers!