Spring is just around the corner, but if you're not into the lovely upcoming weather, you can stay home and check out a few of these new Netflix Instant movies for March 2013.

March 1

'The Mask of Zorro' (1998) -- In this smashing revival of the iconic masked hero, an aging Zorro passes the torch to young successor Alejandro Murrieta, schooling him in discipline and training him to take up the sword against unscrupulous officials.

'Godzilla' (1998) -- When a freighter is attacked in the Pacific Ocean, a team of experts, including a biologist and two scientists, concludes that an oversized reptile is the culprit. Before long, the big lizard is loose in Manhattan, destroying everything in sight.

'Amelie' (2001) -- In this lovely French film, the beautiful Amelie finds a hidden collection of toys under a baseboard in her apartment and decides to spread the love, inspiring others to reciprocate in interesting ways.

'Nicholas Nickleby' (2002) -- Life in 19th-century England deals Nicholas Nickleby a difficult hand when his father dies and Nicholas, his sister and his mother, now penniless, are forced to seek help from his twisted Uncle Ralph, who wants to tear the family apart.

'The Importance of Being Earnest' (2002) -- In this adaptation of Oscar Wilde's witty play about mistaken identities, Rupert Everett and Colin Firth star as two proper gentlemen in 1890s London who use the same pseudonym with disastrous results.

'American Me' (1992) -- A life of violence is traced from the Zoot Suit riots of the 1940s to the bloody streets of East Los Angeles in the '90s. Three friends born in poverty create their own capitalist dream as gang members who, despite being jailed, control the streets.

'Hustle & Flow' (2005) -- Terrence Howard turns in an Oscar-nominated performance in director Craig Brewer's indie drama as DJay, a pimp with aspirations of grandeur who wants to make it as a rapper but discovers that fame isn't all it's cracked up to be.

'Black Snake Moan' (2007) -- Blues musician Lazarus finds sex-addicted Rae beaten and near death, and acts as a father figure to help redeem her. But before saving anyone else, Lazarus -- whose wife deserted him -- must face his own demons.

'Anaconda' (1997) -- When deranged snake hunter Paul Serone tricks a film crew into taking him on their boat so he can hunt a giant anaconda, the group soon finds itself up the Amazon River without a paddle as they become prey for the fearsome reptile.

March 16

'The Limits of Control' (2009) -- An enigmatic stranger, with no friends to speak of and no one to trust, journeys to Madrid on a shadowy criminal mission. His moves are always marked with the knowledge that the law is never far behind.

March 31

'Carrie' (1976) -- Mousy teen Carrie White may be ostracized, but she has the ability to move objects with her mind. When the high school "in crowd" torments her with a sick joke at the prom, she lashes out with devastating and deadly power.