Bestflix — ScreenCrush’s monthly video series dedicated to finding the best new stuff to watch on Netflix — is back with more recommendations for June 2015. (If you missed March, April, or May’s episodes, it’s not too late to add more great films and TV shows to your MyList.)

This month on the show: Sleazy journalists, upstanding prisoners (of both the foreign and domestic varieties), moralistic killers, underhanded cops, and the first television show from the Wachowskis. That one’s called Sens8, a sci-fi series about a group of eight strangers whose minds are suddenly and mysteriously linked. It also apparently features “live births” on camera. We’re talking straight-up “babies coming out of vaginas.” This is one Matrix that won’t get reloaded. I’m telling you, Jupiter is going to descend right before your very eyes, y’all. Get ready. (And put the kids to bed before you watch.)

We’ll be back in July (technically late June) with five new recommendations (plus lots more surprisingly flammable beach shacks). Until then, don’t forget to browse the full list of what’s new and expiring on Netflix here at ScreenCrush. (The CobblerThe Cobbler is now on Netflix! Run for your lives! Don’t look back or you’ll turn to salt!) And make sure you subscribe to ScreenCrush’s YouTube Channel, so you never miss any of the latest episodes of Bestflix, Post Credits, or You Think You Know Movies.

Links to this Month’s Picks:
-Nightcrawler (6/10)
-Orange Is the New Black: Season 3 (6/12)
-Sens8: Season 1 (6/5)
-The Killer (Available now)
-Rosewater (6/10)