If you believe Netflix’s numbers, then its latest action film, The Old Guard starring Charlize Theronwill reach some 72 million subscribers in its first month on the website. If 72 million people bought tickets to see The Old Guard in theaters, that’s like (hang on, I’m really bad at math) $720 million in revenue. Of course people don’t buy tickets for Netflix movies. That’s why they’re Netflix movies. But I digress.

72 million viewers would put The Old Guard high on the list of Netflix’s most-watched original movies ever in a matter of weeks. That means sequel talk. That means Variety asked Charlize Theron about the possibility of another movie — and she did say that “all of us” (whoever that is) wants to make another Old Guard, based on the comics series about a group of immortal warriors who have protected the Earth for centuries. She did also say that right now is a “resting period” for the franchise:

The Oscar winner also said that a sequel hasn’t been given the greenlight…yet. ‘We’re still pushing this one out,’ she said. ‘Let’s have a little resting period, but just given the fact that all of us really want to do it, I’m sure when it’s the right time, we’ll start the conversation.’

The Old Guard is not only based on a comic series, the film, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, ended on a whopper of a cliffhanger that could lead directly into a sequel. Clearly, they had one in mind when they made it. So “the right time” could be as soon as there isn’t a global pandemic to deal with, whenever that is. The Old Guard is available now on Netflix.

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