With healthy overseas grosses making the idea of a 'Pacific Rim 2' seem possible, it's time to start wondering where director Guillermo del Toro might take the storyline, and Charlie Day has a few interesting tidbits for us to consider.

Speaking with CraveOnline about the upcoming season of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' Day mused about the possibility of 'Pacific Rim 2,' revealing some surprising things about the origin of his character, the quirky scientist Newt. Recalling his early time on the set with del Toro, Day said:

I remember when I first met with him that he liked the idea of Newt becoming a bit of a villain in the second film. But, I think over the course of making the film, and the way the character resonated with the audience, I don’t think he would want to turn him into a villain now, but I really have no idea.

As any del Toro fan knows, his restless creativity makes it hard to guess what he'll do next in any situation -- and as it turns out, it's no different for the actors with who he's worked. "Guillermo is one of these guys that his mind is so active that he might have an idea about something and then it’s a completely different idea five minutes later," Day admitted, although he did offer a proposed sequel storyline for himself and Burn Gorman, who played Newt's squabbling cohort Gottlieb.

"I’m hopeful that we get to drive a big punching robot," he confessed. "I think traditionally in those comics, sometimes the science guys put together a cheap, dorky version of one of the robots so maybe we’ll get to do something like that."

All that being said, Day still understands 'Pacific Rim 2' isn't a given. "I think because there’s no one in a cape it might hurt our chances of making another one," he cautioned. "We’ll see. Look, I would love to do it. Hopefully if it keeps performing this well overseas we’ll get to find out."

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