Another day, another surprise announcement from Netflix of a major new project coming to your TV or computer or phone in mere days. Thom Yorke has a new album called Anima — and the album comes with a “one-reeler” short film from none other than Paul Thomas Anderson.

Here is the trailer announcing the exciting collaboration:

The concept is similar in structure, lengthy, and release strategy to The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience, a recent album and “visual poem” from the Lonely Island that appeared on Netflix, basically out of nowhere, a few weeks ago. As for Anima, here’s how the press release describes it:

In a short musical film directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Thom Yorke of Radiohead scores and stars in a mind-bending visual piece. Best played loud.

Yorke’s Radiohead bandmate Jonny Greenwood has scored every Anderson film since There Will Be Blood up to and including the amazing Phantom Thread. The Anima press release also says that the day before Anima arrives on Netflix, Wednesday June 26, it will have a “special sneak preview” in select IMAX theaters in California, New York, Texas, Washington, Illinois, and a few other spots around the globe (go here for the full list of participating locations). So basically a week from today you get a new Thom Yorke album and a new Paul Thomas Anderson film at the same time. That definitely does not suck.

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