The timeline of Marvel’s post-Luke Cage Netflix series remains somewhat unclear, a prospect made more confusing by recent reports that Jon Bernthal would soon start filming his Punisher spinoff. Now, new set photos claim filming is already underway, which could put a premiere sometime in the next year.

Take this all with a significant grain of salt, but Just Jared purports to have obtained the first Brooklyn set photos of Jon Bernthal reprising his role as Frank Castle for the upcoming spinoff. The timing fits with notions that Bernthal needed to manage New York Comic-Con appearances with his “Netflix production schedule,” though Frank Castle is certainly looking different than we last left him in Daredevil Season 2.

Sure, Frank might have gone incognito after his high-profile rampage through New York, though it would seem at least odd to spend so much of Daredevil Season 2 building up to Bernthal’s few in-costume Punisher scenes, only to send the character right back underground. Marvel managing to keep Punisher production so well under wraps also rings a bit questionably, as only one other actor has reportedly been cast in an unknown role.

Not to mention, Marvel still has Iron Fist and The Defenders to get through in 2017, leaving it unclear when any Punisher spinoff is intended to debut, or what interaction it might have with the other series. Worth noting, Luke Cage started production just about one year ahead of its premiere.

We’ll likely learn further details at New York Comic-Con, but if Punisher really has started filming, how do the first photos look?

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