It's a movie we thought might never get released in theaters but the 'Red Dawn' reboot has a trailer and will finally, after years of delays, be released this November. So is it any good?

'Red Dawn' likely isn't hitting theaters because the studio thinks it's a halfway decent film but more likely because the cast - including Chris Hemsworth ('Thor' and 'The Avengers') and Josh Hutcherson ('The Hunger Games') - shot to the A-list while the film was delayed. And the 'Red Dawn' trailer won't do much to change your opinion of that.

It's a curious reboot - the Chinese of the original film have been replaced with North Korea - and the CGI looks dodgy at best. The film was originally scheduled to hit theaters in 2010 but when MGM went bankrupt, the film went into limbo until recently being picked up by FilmDistrict. The movie is now set for release on November 21st of this year (celebrate Thanksgiving with invading Koreans!) and you can check out the trailer below. (Beware the annoying chatter of the 'Entertainment Tonight' anchors over the clip...)