With Knives Out (and, many years before that, Brick), Rian Johnson has become one of the first fimmakers in a while to really embrace the old whodunit genre. And now he’s taking that passion for mysteries to TV, and making his first series.

It will be called Poker Face and it will star Natasha Lyonne, who’s become one of the most reliable stars of the streaming TV era on shows like Orange Is the New Black and her own terrific Netflix series, Russian Doll. Poker Face, which will run for 10 episodes, will be exclusive to the Peacock streaming service.

Thus far, the show is only described as an “hour-long mystery series.” Here was Rian Johnson’s statement on the news:

I’m very excited to dig into the type of fun, character driven, case-of-the-week mystery goodness I grew up watching. It’s my happy place. Having Natasha as a partner in crime is a dream, and we’ve found the perfect home at Peacock.

Peacock has had a few well-reviewed shows, like their update/revival of Saved By the Bell, but they’ve generally lacked anything resembling a crossover, gotta-subscribe-to-watch-it-style hit the way Orange Is the New Black and Russian Doll were a few years ago for Netflix. I have no idea whether Poker Face will be that for Peacock, but I just want to see Lyonne in a Columbo style procedural, where each week she goes around solving mysteries in a rumpled raincoat. Honestly, this sounds like the greatest television show of all time. If this gets me close to that, I am happy.

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