In Netflix’s Hubie Halloween, Adam Sandler stars as Hubie Dubois, a local Halloween fan who keeps Salem, Massachusetts safe on Halloween night by monitoring its residents. Ironically, Hubie gets startled at the drop of a hat. He loves Halloween, but he's frightened to bits by it at the same time. As it turns out, this character trait isn’t just an added quirk for maximum humor. In a recent interview with Polygon, Sandler shared that he also identifies as a bonafide scaredy cat:

In real life, I get scared pretty easy. When I come home and the lights are off, I’m not excited, I don’t like that. [laughs] I’ll push my wife in there, I go, ‘What’s going on? Come on, come on, check out the kitchen.’ It’s pathetic.

It’s not unusual for an actor to bring elements of his or herself to a movie role. But Sandler is so involved with the crafting with his own characters that it's likely he decided to add a streak of his own personality into Hubie Dubois. Sandler co-wrote the script with frequent collaborator Tim Herlihy, so there's a good chance Sandler channeled his own skittishness when writing Hubie's scenes.

While Hubie Halloween is billed as a horror comedy, it’s really not scary. The frights are played off for laughs, and the characters are as goofy as you’d imagine. But now when you’re watching it, take note of Sandler’s emotional honesty whenever Hubie is getting the bejeezus scared out of him. Even in a corny slapstick comedy, Sandler is living his truth.

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