It’s time for another addition of ScreenCrush’s not-really-new anymore feature, the ScreenCrush ScreenCrunch Cereal Of The Week.

How do you like your cereal marketed? Would you prefer, say, a fit looking spokesperson explaining the healthy benefits of your would-be breakfast? Or would a disembodied hand do the trick?

Oh, what’s that? You want to go with the disembodied hand? Yeah … me, too! We are a lot alike, you and me. That’s why it’s a safe bet that we’d both enjoy a heaping bowl of ‘Addams Family’ cereal. Just watch that fun commercial above.

The cereal shapes are molded into the forms of “headless dolls, spooky skulls and Thing.” Fun! (Thing, if you don’t know, is the aforementioned disembodied hand.) Sadly, the commercial does not feature MC Hammer’s 'Addams Groove,' which was the theme song of the 1991 film. Hey, you can listen to it right now!

Also: I just learned today that 'Addams Groove' won a Razzie for Worst Original Song, which further proves that the Razzies are worthless. (Another “also”: Why don’t’ we have movie theme songs anymore? Are you telling me you wouldn’t want to hear MC Hammer’s version of the 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' theme song?)

As a bonus, some of the boxes came with a flashlight shaped like your favorite Addams Family character. One of them is Thing's disembodied hand. Because, why not?

The verdict: No one in the office has ever eaten ‘Addams Family' cereal, so we don’t really know for sure. But, really, isn’t all cereal pretty good?

Next Week: Probably C-3P0s.

Mike Ryan is the senior editor of ScreenCrush. You can contact him directly on Twitter.