Few would argue that Netflix’s Sense8 is an ambitious production, even if said ambition put close to two years and millions of dollars between seasons. A third season was looking good, though star Brian J. Smith now sounds the alarm for fans to tweet support, while others claim Season 3 could be the last.

The second season has been streaming for the better part of May, though fans naturally grew concerned when star Brian J. Smith quoted a tweet about renewing Sense8, adding “This might be a good time to start making some noise.” Last we heard, Netflix had pursued extensions of the eight leads’ contracts until June, so as to iron out a renewal plan.

Earlier in the month, Sense8 producer Roberto Malerba seemingly hinted that a third season could prove the series’ last, given that Season 2 production ballooned to $9 million an episode (via NewsFlix):

It will depend on the available budget in relation to the project that Lana will present for the potential new episodes. With the right balance between budget and number of sets/cities the first great hurdle would be overcome … However, the third season of Sense8 would likely be its last. That’s because of the complex nature of the series, but also because Lana writes the scripts and directs the episodes mostly all alone. In season 1 the scripts were written by both the Wachowskis, but now Lily is decided to take a break for personal reasons. However, Lana is already writing the third season, so as to be ready in case of renewal.

We’ve certainly seen Netflix willing to cut its losses on expensive projects, but is Sense8 at least deserving of some shortened, final sendoff? Do like Brian J. Smith says, and get to tweetin’.

In the meantime, all episodes are available on Netflix.

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