Any Shameless viewer could tell you the series belongs to Emmy Rossum’s Fiona far more than William H. Macy’s Frank, and Season 8 is either going to reflect that, or hit the bricks. Reports indicate that Rossum is pressing for a salary equal to or beyond that of Macy, giving Showtime pause on a Season 8 renewal.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that Macy has finalized a new deal for a prospective Season 8, with a raise that “puts his salary in the upper echelon of cable dramas,” for which Rossum is now seeking to negotiate for higher. The Emmy and Oscar-nominated Macy has always made more than his Shameless co-stars, but has become a smaller focus of the series in recent years, while Rossum’s profile has risen extensively.

Should Rossum succeed in negotiating the deal, it’s likely that Warner Bros. TV would also renegotiate with the remainder of the cast as well. Showtime may also opt to cancel the series, or move forward on Season 8 without Rossum’s Fiona, similar to how the original U.K. Shameless spent nine of its eleven seasons without Fiona as a regular character.

Certainly Rossum’s intrinsic role needs to be reflected in salary (she also directed her first episode in Season 7, which aired in the same year as Season 6), but might Showtime opt to revamp or cancel the series instead?