The company that runs Shaquille O'Neal's official website has just trademarked Shaqfighter, indicating the Big Aristotle is interested in getting back in the fight game.

If you recall, Shaq was the star of the 2D fighter Shaq-Fu. In that 16-bit game, the Big Diesel took on all comers, including the villainous mummy, Sett. Earlier this year, the retired NBA All-Star appeared in ShaqDown on iOS. According to Siliconera, Mine 'O Mine (the company that runs Shaq's site) has trademarked Shaqfighter for use in "entertainment services, namely, providing online games."

The trademark also lists the potential use for "a website featuring electronic and video games and news," as well as "music, videos, television programs, movies, animated series, and other multimedia materials in the field of computer and video games." As unfortunate as Shaq's previous history with fighting games has been, it's a bit curious to see he might be lending his likeness to a new brawler. That said, the time and money invested in another iOS game pales in comparison to that of a console title. People fond of the joke that is Shaq-Fu may check out a cheap mobile game just for a sense of nostalgia.

What do you think of a possible new Shaq-centric fighting game?