Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival looked touch and go there for a bit, nearly losing series creator David Lynch to budgetary disputes, ultimately returning twice the size, and pushing a premiere to 2017. Now, Showtime boss David Nevins clarifies the “moment of confusion” behind the schism, as well that he and Lynch will at least consider an “all-at-once” style release.

Take that possibility with a grain of salt for the moment, as a conversation with Vulture saw Nevins admitting he hadn’t considered the possibility of an all-episodes release of Twin Peaks, nor had he ruled it out. Delayed production of David Lynch’s revival will see all episodes completed before the 2017 premiere, the release strategy of which will be discussed with Lynch down the line:

Since the show will be in the can by the time it airs, you’ll be able to release all the episodes at once if you want. Is that under consideration at all?

I haven’t considered the various possibilities. I believe in a weekly release schedule, and I think David does, too. But as we get further down the road, we’ll discuss it.

On the subject of discussions with David Lynch, Nevins also offered a bit of insight into the brief period in which the Twin Peaks creator nearly left his own project, reportedly owing to budgetary concerns:

He wanted the freedom to do the episodes, and do them the way he wanted to do them. There was a moment of confusion, and that’s when it looked like it was not going to happen, but as soon as I actually got David on the phone it became very clear to me that we were going to be back on track. We didn’t want to announce anything until we were done, so it seemed like a two-month hiccup. But in my mind, it was really only a 48-hour hiccup.

David Lynch and Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost wrote the scripts, with Lynch confirmed to direct all episodes of the revival series, however many that turns out to be. Thus far, only Kyle MacLachlan has been officially confirmed to return, though Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti and stars Madchen Amick and Sherilyn Fenn have all been heavily rumored, along with Miguel Ferrer, David Patrick Kelly, Richard Beymer and new additions Jennifer Jason Leigh, Robert Forster, Peter Sarsgaard, Robert Knepper, Amanda Seyfried and Balthazar Getty.

The original Twin Peaks saw Agent Dale Cooper arriving in the titular town to investigate the murder of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, only to find the mystery ran far deeper than he could ever expect, with a touch of the supernatural. The new iteration will pick up 25 years after the Season 2 finale in 1991, which saw MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper in a Black Lodge limbo.

Showtime has yet to set an official Twin Peaks premiere, but might the network really consider an all-episodes release to compete with streaming models? How complete can we expect Lynch’s vision of the revival, after the brief hiccup? Check out the first teasers below.

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