Just when you thought Sunday’s SNL 40th anniversary special couldn’t get any bigger, NBC juices both the runtime and star power. Not only will the extravagant birthday of New York’s most famous sketch comedy series run an additional half hour, but added to the guest list are Billy Crystal and Bradley Cooper, along with a number of other famous stars and alum.

Per Deadline, SNL’s February 15 anniversary special will now run from 8-11:30PM ET, up an additional half-hour, ostensibly to avoid cutting short any sketches of the many revered alum. Meanwhile, an additional crop of stars and former SNL stars have joined the fray, including Billy Crystal, Bradley Cooper, Edward Norton, Miley Cyrus, Kevin Nealon, Ana Gasteyer, Colin Quinn, Joe Piscopo, Tim Meadows and Will Forte.

We’re hoping New York doesn’t collapse in on itself by all the star power, but might any other major names join in advance of Sunday’s SNL 40th anniversary special?

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