Both Sons of Anarchy and True Blood have gotten far enough in the rear-view mirror that we’re looking ahead to Kurt Sutter’s FX Bastard Executioner on the horizon, but it seems the former two almost had an insanely weird crossover. Not only had True Blood couple Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin sought roles in the final ride of Sons of Anarchy, but with a much less healthy relationship than real life.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Moyer recalled that he and Paquin’s avid Sons of Anarchy fandom put them in touch with creator Kurt Sutter, who offered them both roles in the final season of the FX biker drama, though prior obligations forced them to decline. The roles in question? Well …

I was going to play a pimp and she was going to play a whore. We were trying to make it work. We were dead into it. The thing was, we agreed to have some time off after the end of True Blood, and we had already arranged it. Anna paid for the flights to New Zealand, and it happened that these bits and pieces were shooting while we were in New Zealand, and she hadn’t seen her family. We hadn’t been down there for ages. We just said we can’t do it, but we were obsessed with Sons, and it was date night tele for us in that macabre and weird, strange way that Sons of Anarchy became.

Presumably the roles in question would have been the titular pimp of “Greensleeves,” and potentially that of his hooker “Winsome,” who ended up starting a brief relationship with Charlie Hunnam’s Jax in a later episode. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Paquin pop up on The Bastard Executioner eventually, but Bill and Sookie might have made for an especially twisted pairing to add to Sons of Anarchy‘s collection of surprising guest stars.

In the meantime, Moyer and Sutter’s Bastard Executioner will premiere in October on FX. Here’s a new promo.

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