The prevailing message of the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming has been that of novelty. This will be a fresh take on the Peter Parker mythos, making him younger than ever, sticking him in the treacherous social minefield of high school, and assigning him a lovably bratty irreverence more in-step with the comic-book original. Plus, Aunt May is young and hot now! But while Marvel and Sony’s advertising has gone to great lengths to assure audiences that this will not be their father’s Spider-Man (and it definitely won’t be the Andrew Garfield one we’re all working to psychologically repress), there is one respect in which this production is business as usual.

Both the trailers and posters have considerably played up Iron Man’s presence in the film. In today’s newly released spot, The notorious R.D.J. chastises Peter Parker for tampering with forces beyond his control:

The new theatrical poster for Homecoming surfaced online today as well, and even if Robert Downey Jr.’s goateed mug wasn’t plastered in the upper right-hand corner, the Iron Man vibes would be just as strong. The whole “a bunch of stuff in the sky” has long been a favorite of Marvel’s graphic designers, as the Iron Man 2 poster makes abundantly clear. This poster crams even more junk into an even more incoherent layout, squeezing in Parker and his web-headed alter ego, super-mentor Tony Stark, Michael Keaton’s villain the Vulture and a mini-version of his warsuit, Mary Jane, Hot Aunt May, and hey, look, it’s a tiny Jon Favreau!


The image is altogether too cluttered, with too many characters represented twice over and too many clashing color combos. Hopefully this poster isn’t overcompensating for a dull product by styling it as a superpowered Dave and Buster’s ad. (Tom Holland tweeted another poster that looks a little bit more like a Spider-Man movie:)


Yeah, that’s better.