At this point, we must consider the possibility that every director in Hollywood is up for the 'Episode 7' gig. 'Star Wars' is the hottest project going, and aside from a few high profile exceptions, it is understandably desired by almost every enterprising director in town.

So who is the latest contender? It's a woman: 'Brave' director Brenda Chapman. Find out what connects her to the highly-anticipated sequel after the break!

How did Ms. Chapman's name enter the discussion? The folks at Bleeding Cool put a few things together. First off, Chapman quit Pixar back in August to join Lucasfilm, so she's already in house (this right before her highly publicized criticism of the company for forcing her off of 'Brave'). When she landed at Lucasfilm, it was said that she was "consulting" on a mystery project, thought initially to be animation-related ('Clone Wars' or the reported "second animated series" Lucasfilm has been developing), but perhaps she's been working on something much bigger.

Twitter holds the next clue: Chapman recently tweeted out this article in Time Magazine, which offers ten suggestions for the new trilogy of 'Star Wars' films, and asked her followers for their input. One of her followers tweeted: "I'd like you to direct it Star Wars needs a talented animation director as it always felt to me as sort of a animation."

Chapman's reply: "Thanks. We will just have to wait and see what happens : )"

Ohh, that smiley face - how it teases us!


As with all these rumors, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. (Shouldn't be long now til we have a definitive answer.) But if Brenda Chapman is truly in talks to direct 'Episode 7', how would you feel?