Among the many problems of Revenge of the Sith — Hayden Christensen’s hair, overly tidy plot resolution, a marked lack of Darth Maul — was the wooden dialogue. One fan, however, has found a workaround to the stilted conversations that the boy who would be Vader has with everyone in his orbit; YouTube user GratefulDeadpool re-dubbed the entirety of Episode III using an automated translation from the Mandarin bootleg, creating a word-salad edit of the film that makes even the most tedious moments into something surreal, entertaining, and occasionally hilarious.

Take the preceding paragraph, for example. Here’s how it reads after going through the ringer of Babel: “Many of the problems in Sith's revenge - Hayden Christensen's hair, the overly neat plot decision, the apparent lack of Dart Moore - is Woody Dialogue. However, a fan has found a solution for those who are Vader's boy with a stampede conversation with everyone on his orbit; Youtube user GratefulDeadpool uses an automatic translation from Mandarin to recreate the entire episode III, created A salad edited the movie so that even the most boring moments become something surreal, entertaining, and occasionally funny.” A solution for those who are Vader’s boy? That’s nonsense. Humor!

The highlight reel embedded above contains some real gems. For one, who knew there were so many F-bombs hidden in Revenge of the Sith? Count Dooku warning Anakin mid-lightsaber duel that “ever since you I separate, I has been hating you” might actually be more natural writing than the original script. And the mass replacement of all encouragement with “good, kind of!” should be a helpful pointer for Rian Johnson as he finishes cutting Episode VIII. Give it a look-see, but if the effect persists after you’re done watching the video, be aware that you’re having a stroke.

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