We’ve heard rumors for about a year now about Boba Fett’s involvement in an upcoming Star Wars anthology film. The first, Star Wars: Rogue One, centers on a group of smugglers, while reports have suggested that either Josh Trank’s abandoned spinoff would be the Boba Fett movie, or that the notorious bounty hunter would appear in the young Han Solo film. We still don’t officially know if or when we’ll see Boba Fett again, but this fan trailer makes a good case for giving the character his own spinoff.

In Star Wars canon, Boba Fett disappeared into the Sarlacc Pit during Return of the Jedi and is presumed dead — the Sarlacc Pit is a horrible way to die, as those who are sent to its depths are consumed and digested by the alien monstrosity over the course of 1,000 harrowing years. As this trailer by director Eric Demeusy suggests, Boba Fett escapes the pit (somehow) and treks across the desert to reunite with his Slave 1 ship and “finds himself fighting alongside the Rebellion to establish a New Republic.”

It’s more of a teaser than an actual trailer, and we don’t see exactly how Boba Fett unites with the Rebellion, but it’s an intriguing concept. We’re not sure how Lucasfilm and Disney are planning to use the bounty hunter in future films, and the studios have yet to confirm that plan — we could see a younger Boba Fett, or they could take Demeusy’s approach and have him escape the Sarlacc Pit. Who knows.

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