It's the morning of Mother's Day and you're not entirely sure what you should make. You look through your pantry and the refrigerator, trying to find the right breakfast food and your eyes land on the pancake mix, perfect!

If you were looking to give your mom a great gift for Mother's Day, why shouldn't it be these awesome 'Star Wars' pancakes? Perfect for any geeky son, daughter or even mom.

The awesome folk over at Saipancakes make it their duty to have their pancakes be as creative and fun to eat as possible. Who wouldn't want to gobble up a pancake that's shaped like your favorite animal or your lower intestine? Okay, scratch the last one, but you have to admit that a lot of their batter-filled creations are pretty impressive.

So they decided to go a little bit on the nerdy side and make their own collection of 'Star Wars' themed pancakes. Surely it takes some time to make these creations, but it would totally be worth it in the end. You can show Jabba the Hut who's boss by drowning him in syrup or give R2D2 some love by happily eating him up.

Star Wars Pancakes