The Star Wars prequels and the Star Wars sequels have proven very divisive among fans. Some love the sequels and hate the prequels. Some despise what Disney did to Star Wars and adore the prequels they grew up watching. Obviously the original trilogy is the best. But between the prequels and the sequels, which is better? Which did a better job of honoring and updating the Star Wars franchise for new generations?

In honor of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show, our latest Star Wars video, we try to settled the debate once and for all. Our experts — Ryan Arey, Adam Lance Garcia, and Bevin — discuss which trilogy had the better story, and which showed the more interesting development of technology throughout the galaxy. They also debate the highs and lows of each trilogy, which looks better, and what the lasting legacies of both the sequels and prequels will be. Check it out below:

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