It’s one of the most iconic movie openings in all of movie history: the Star Wars opening crawl. Every Star Wars movie starts the same way, with “A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away” fading into the booming John Williams title as the Star Wars logo retreats back from the screen. And then the opening crawl begins, serving as a three-paragraph prologue to the film. And now, you can read the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening crawl in full.

Obvious spoilers ahead (although this is literally the first thing you see in the movie and serves as a prologue to all the action in the movie) for The Force Awakens ahead…

Well, this is certainly a lot better than “taxation of trade routes” and “the Congress of the Republic endlessly debates this alarming chain of events”. It’s also funny how the very first line of the Force Awakens opening crawl addresses the Star Wars debate everyone has been talking about for months: Where is Luke Skywalker? You don’t have to wait very long to find out as you watch the movie, and the question of Where is Luke Skywalker is one that hangs over the entire film from the first sentence of the opening crawl, to the very final scene.

Episode VII

Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed.

With the support of the REPUBLIC, General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE. She is desperate to find her brother Luke and gain his help in restoring peace and justice to the galaxy.

Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku, where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts….

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