Meet Steven Reed. Mr. Reed is a student at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. For the student-run news program - 'Weber State News' - Reed was a TV chef, showing students how to cook all sorts of cuisine. Like nachos. And spaghetti. And creamed corn in a can. All in a microwave. And it's just perfect.

At Weber State News, you're not going to get one of those fancy-schmancy chefs with the big poofy hat (a toque, by the way) or the organic ingredients. Nope, Steven Reed is serving up recipes that college kids can actually use. Considering the kids at Weber State likely have access to only a microwave, he shows them how to cook up some simple items without a stove.

Like a nachos recipe that includes pouring canned chili and Cheez Whiz in a bowl. It can feed 3-6 people, he claims! (Though we, for one, would recommend you finish stirring the chili and cheese together before stirring.) Reed, whose inspirations include Arby's (seriously), also cooks up his favorite - creamed corn and potatoes - in a segment set oddly to Ke$ha's "Stephen" (which includes the lyrics, "Your my object of affection / My drug of choice / My sick obsession / Stephen / Why won't you call me? / I'm sitting here waiting").

This is all brought with the style and demeanor of a hostage tape.

'Weber Cooks' was an assignment as part of Reed's studies towards his Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree, a combination of three various disciplines at Weber State. (Reed, who graduated earlier this year, notes on his Facebook page that, in no uncertain terms, he plans on getting the heck out of Utah at his earliest possible convenience.)

Watch Steven Reed on 'Weber Cooks' below and say goodbye to Anthony Bourdain and Bobby Flay forever. Bon appetit!

(via Gawker)