I know, I know. We all love Stranger Things, but we’ve reached a point in the time since it’s premiere that the Netflix nostalgia-fest is best left on the back-burner until Season 2. Everyone and everything has had their own parody, but we kid you not, this mashup of Stranger Things with Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s iconic opening credits is well-worth your time.

The new mashup comes from YouTube user Tony Harley by way of Whedonesque, featuring the Stranger Things cast arranged in the style of Buffy’s beloved Nerf Herder title sequence. Eleven is of course made into the Buffy of the piece, but it’s hard to ignore the visual similarity of Natalia Dyer’s Nancy to our favorite vampire slayer, right down to the prominent necklace, and redhead friend always getting into trouble.

There’s even a Joyce in both worlds! Oh, the hours we could spend drawing parallels between the two, rather than ascribe bizarre Parks and Recreation fan theories.

In any case, check out the perfect mashup above, and stay tuned for the latest on Stranger Things Season 2.

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