Supergirl surprised us all with the news that Season 2 would bring an actual Superman alongside its move to The CW, and we’ve got your first look at the new Man of Steel. See Tyler Hoechlin suited up as Superman in the first official photo from Supergirl Season 2!

Following its Comic-Con panel last week, Supergirl revealed a first look at the Everybody Wants Some! and Teen Wolf star suited up as Clark Kent’s alter-ego. It’s clear the design deviates a bit from from Kara’s Supergirl outfit (which was technically designed from her cousin in the first place), while Hoechlin certainly fills the role with gusto.

Supergirl Season 2 Superman
Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, in addition to the introduction of Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer and Lynda Carter as this particular Earth’s POTUS, Supergirl Season 2 will cast several notable roles that include Lex Luthor’s sister Lena, and several others. Still unknown is if Supergirl Season 2 will introduce Superboy, given that mystery Season 2 cliffhanger, or how the Maiden of Might ends up in that epic four-way superhero crossover.

Supergirl has plenty other questions to answer on the road to Season 2's October 10 premiere, but what to we make of the new Man of Steel?

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