Supergirl notably fell behind her CW counterparts in delivering footage, but you know how it goes when the girl of steel is ready for action – up, up and away! See for yourself as both Kara and her Super-cousin take flight in the first official footage from Season 2 of Supergirl.

The CW debuted the first official promo for the new season to feature fresh footage, as it appears Kara will once again have to catch a falling craft from above. She won’t be alone, this time, as Superman comes to the rescue as well.

Elsewhere, in addition to the introduction of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, Lynda Carter’s POTUS, Floriana Lima as Maggie Sawyer and Katie McGrath as Lena Luthor, Supergirl Season 2 has cast several notable roles that include Dichen Lachman’s Roulette, Metallo, Cat Grant’s pseudo-replacement Snapper Carr, Sharon Leal as Miss Martian and Chris Wood as pod occupant Mon-El. Still is how the Maiden of Might ends up in a musical, or that epic four-way superhero crossover.

Supergirl has plenty other wares to hawk on the road to Season 2's October 10 premiere, but check out the first photos and footage below.