The third year of CW crossovers was already big enough between The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, before Supergirl unexpectedly flew into the fray. And while most details of the four-way teamup remain under wraps, producers suggest that Supergirl itself will play a limited role in the upcoming crossover.

DC TV producer Greg Berlanti gave a lengthy interview to IndieWire, during which he suggested that Flash, Arrow and Legends would form the meat of the crossover event, with Supergirl playing a limited role on the Monday prior. Kara Zor-El will still play a part in the action herself, but the logistics of visual effects and design will mostly limit events to the latter three episodes of the week:

You really are trying to run a single production across three different productions. But they’re run as three separate entities. We have to figure out when we’re borrowing one actor from where. We’re telling one cohesive story; “Supergirl” will participate, but the storyline doesn’t actively begin there. There are some characters who show up in her episode, but the story begins with “The Flash” episode and goes to “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow.”

We’re just getting into designing the bad guy for it, and we start now but it doesn’t air until the end of November. We will put a lot of time between now and then figuring out visual effects sequences. Just today I was holding the three scripts back-to-back – that’s 180 pages of material. It’s a three-hour story, almost a miniseries.

One wonders if perhaps Berlanti means to suggest that the week’s Supergirl will function as an otherwise unrelated Season 2 episode, before Barry or some other figure compels Kara to join the assembled heroes of the Arrow-verse. Fans have also speculated that the four-way crossover might be used to fold Supergirl itself into the same reality, to more easily facilitate future crossovers, but producers are keeping mum for now.

Certain characters are bound for some surprising reactions to Supergirl, but will the Maiden of Might play an otherwise minor role in the big November event?

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