DC certainly upped its live-action TV stock for the 2014-15 season, adding 'The Flash,' FOX's 'Gotham' and NBC's 'Constantine' to the likes of CW breakout 'Arrow,' but could another major comic character adjacent to the core 'Justice League' find their way into a new TV series? Find out if 'Supergirl' might have her own TV series in the future, with a DC producer already attached!

Take this with a heaping helping of salt for now, considering some major debunks in the past, but BleedingCool claims to have been "reliably informed" that DC comics and writer-producer Michael Green ('Gotham,' 'Smallville,' the New 52's Supergirl) has actively begun pitching a 'Supergirl' TV series to different studios. Of course, nothing has been set in stone as of yet, and a great many TV pitches never gain any traction, but it's an interesting idea to consider regardless.

Way, way back in the early 2010's Warner Bros. managed to parlay the 'Smallville'-boosted resurgence of Green Arrow into now-certifiable hit 'Arrow,' albeit with a heavily 'Batman Begins'-influenced reboot, rather than with Justin Hartley's original incarnation. Considering that 'Smallville' also grew to feature Laura Vandervoort as Superman's cousin Kara Zor-El, and that we've seen Warner Bros.' interest in a 'Wonder Woman' TV series prior to Gal Gadot's inclusion in 'Batman vs. Superman,' it's certainly conceivable that Supergirl could comfortably lead her own TV series on a variety of networks, without necessarily requiring any presence from Superman himself.

The DC strategy between movie and TV properties has yielded some inspired creations and curious choices alike, as 'The Flash' managed to piggyback off 'Arrow' for his own series, regardless of the character's inevitable inclusion in the 'Justice League' movie, while FOX's 'Gotham' seemingly works around any possibility of actually including Batman. It might make sense for DC to pitch 'Supergirl' as a TV series that exists outside of any 'Man of Steel'/'Justice League' continuity, particularly with repeated calls from both fans and the industry for more female-led superhero properties.

We're not sure how much stock to put in this latest report, at least for the moment, but a 'Supergirl' TV series might well prove a worthwhile prospect to consider, however the character ends up tied to any larger DC universe. We'll keep an ear to the ground, but what say you? Would you want to see Supergirl given her own live-action TV series to complement the growing presence of DC heroes on the small screen?

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