Taylor Swift has been slowly making her transition from musician to actress over the last few years, with a role in 'Valentine's Day' and her hosting gig on 'Saturday Night Live.' Now the actress might be able to straddle both sides of the divide as legendary songstress Joni Mitchell in the new film 'Girls Like Us.'

Variety reports that Swift hasn't been officially offered the role, but the possibility of Swift playing Mitchell has been rumored for months. The film is based on the book 'Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon -- And the Journey of a Generation.' The film will similarly track the lives and careers of these three iconic female musicians.

Directed by 'House' executive producer Katie Jacobs and based on a script by John Sayles, 'Girls Like Us' will begin shooting later this year. Also linked to the film is Alison Pill, who auditioned for the role of Carole King.

If Swift lands the part, this will be her first major role in a dramatic film. Most recently her vocal talents were lent to 'The Lorax' and she provided a song for the stellar soundtrack to 'The Hunger Games.' Swift certainly has Mitchell's lovelorn thing down, since all of her songs are about all those mean boys who break up with her and how tough it is to be so young and adorable. Woe is you, indeed, Taylor Swift.