There have been many iterations of the classic comic 'The Addams Family' from animated TV show, live-action TV show, a TV movie, two theatrical movies and even a live-action musical variety show. Now it's time for 'The Addams Family' to be rebooted, as all good franchises are, with a new animated movie.

MGM is in final negotiations to develop an animated movie based on the popular franchise with Pamela Pettler ('The Corpse Bride') writing the script. It's a bit of an oddity (no pun intended) for MGM, one of the Hollywood studios not currently aligned with a major animation house (they haven't released an animated movie in theaters since 1996's 'All Dogs Go to Heaven 2').

Universal Pictures and Illumination had previously announced plans for a stop-motion animated 'Addams Family' film directed by Tim Burton, but canceled the project earlier this year.

The Addams Family began as a series of cartoons from Charles Addams that ran in The New Yorker starting in 1938. Originally, none of the characters had names and were only later specified for the 1964 television show. Despite it's lasting legacy and iconic theme song, the show only ran for two years. (Interestingly enough, the first 'Addams Family' animated TV series in 1973 featured the voice of a then 8-year-old Jodie Foster as Puggsly.)

The property was introduced to new audiences in 1991 with a live-action movie that made almost $200 million and spawned the sequel 'The Addams Family Values.' And let us never forget the MC Hammer song "Addams Groove."