Fate’s unending cruelty has pushed Season 4 of FX’s The Americans as far as March 2016, even as the network has un-redacted our first official promos. People point silencers, and film trickery make it looks like they’re shooting each other, so lets relentlessly over-analyze our first look at The Americans Season 4!

FX has released the first few promos from the new 2016 season which picks up  - spoiler alert - after Paige seemingly ratted out her parents’ KGB backstory to her pastor. We can’t say who exactly has been mishandling the Jennings family projector, but some of these home movies have a dangerously misleading outcome teased to follow.

In the meantime, FX has released precious few details of The Americans Season 4, though we at least know that Frank Langella will return as Phillip and Elizabeth’s old handler Gabriel, with Margo Martindale likely to reprise her role as Claudia as well. Easly photos also suggested Dylan Baker might put in an appearance, though no details of his character have been made available.

You can check out The Americans Season 4 teasers above, and stay tuned for the first footage of the March 2016 premiere.