FX’s The Americans seemed understandably chill with the whole Russian invasion thing, but can they handle Paige becoming a full-fledged spy? That’s the question in our first official footage and trailers for the penultimate season, as Paige takes things up a notch with some formal fight training.

FX released two new promos for the March 7 premiere, picking up with the Jennings and Beemans reacting to Paige and Matthew’s new relationship. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of undercover wig-work and espionage as well, to say nothing of the ever-present threat of being caught.

Moving to Tuesdays with a March 7 premiere for its penultimate (and final full-length) season, The Americans Season 5 will feature Noah Emmerich’s former Walking Dead co-star Laurie Holden in a recurring role as Renee, a new love interest for Stan Beeman. Brett Tucker will also take the recurring role of Ben Stobert, described as “a charming, intelligent and passionate scientist, whose work goes deeper than it seems.”

You can check out past teasers below, and stay tuned for more on The Americans Season 5 in the meantime.

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