If none of the TV and movie marathon offerings this coming Labor Day weekend appeal to you, what about 'The Avengers' ... on the big screen?

To help you celebrate the holiday -- and perhaps make you want to go out and buy 'The Avengers' on DVD and Blu-ray September 25 -- Marvel announced today that their biggest hit of the year will be returning to theaters across the country just for the extended weekend.

The announcement was made on the official Marvel Facebook page earlier today, accompanied by that sinister image of Thanos, the presumed upcoming villain for 'The Avengers 2.' Although details still remain a bit under wraps, we do know that this special nation-wide event will start Friday, August 31 and will go up to Thursday, September 6. So, yes, Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, the Hulk and all their buddies will be sticking around a few more days after.

UPDATE: Deadline reports that upwards of 1,700 movie theaters across America will be showcasing 'The Avengers' screenings.

'The Avengers' has grossed approximately $1.5 billion worldwide and we can only imagine how much money it will rake in with this stunt, especially if all the die hard fans come out in support. What'd you think? Will you be spending a good portion of your three-day weekend reliving one the best comic book-adapted movies of all time?

Check back soon for more details as they become available!