The Flash has never been one to shy away from mystery, teasing out complicated identities for both Season 1 and 2 big bads, but never so fervently as the mystery masked man trapped in Zoom’s lair. We’ll have to wait until the finale, while cast and crew claim the reveal as “beautiful,” mind-blowing and with “no way of making sense” all at once. Huh?

Season 2 has only given us a few clues toward the mystery man’s identity; first his use of military code to tap out the letters “J-A-Y” at a time Barry had yet to put together Zoom’s (equally complicated) identity, and his apparent frustration with Barry being unable to discern his meaning. Beyond that, the masked figure has been kept in the same power-negating cell as every other metahuman in Zoom’s lair, while Tuesday’s “Back to Normal” saw Killer Frost noting that Zoom likely needed to keep him alive for a reason.

Teddy Sears himself revealed that the mask would stay on until the May 24 finale, as well that he had no idea who the character was, while TVLine reports executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says both the reveal will “blow your mind,” and “honestly, [it's one of the] things I’m probably most proud of this season.”

Great! Kreisberg has also downplayed suggestions that the actual actor filmed scenes under the mask, diminishing the likelihood of fans identifying any personal features, though series star Carlos Valdes only made the matter more confusing in conversation with IGN. Not only did the star claim the masked man’s identity would help illuminate a key portion of Zoom’s history, but also this heavy promise:

When I first found out who it was, I was thrown for a loop,. You don’t understand why it’s this person until you go into the story behind how this person got into the cell, why Zoom took them hostage and put them in the cell. You cannot make sense - there’s no way of making sense of why that person is in the mask until it is explained. But I think that explanation is very satisfactory. It takes loops and turns, and it’s a riveting story that makes sense within Zoom’s chronology and his story and his motivations.

The payoff after the unveiling of the mask as far as that character is concerned, there’s this beautiful reveal. It’s just a beautiful reveal. That’s all I’m going to say.

Uh … sure? Either way, it’s an admittedly strange promise to have hanging over the finale, without any indication of what it might mean for Season 3, or whether or not the man in the iron mask is someone we’ve even met before. Zoom also noted of the man’s identity that “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” but will the actual reveal hold up to that promise?

The Flash will continue with Tuesday’s “Rupture,” so lets try not to lose our minds in the meantime.

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