The Flash Season 2 has filled something of a mixed bag from episode to episode, though few would argue Kevin Smith’s Zack Stentz-written “Runaway Dinosaur” as one of the major highlights. Now, it seems reports of writing a Booster Gold movie haven’t taken Stentz too far out of DC’s TV orbit, as the writer joins Flash Season 3 in a consulting role.

Stentz made the announcement himself over Twitter, noting that he’d serve as consulting producer for the third season, adding to an extensive list of comic book credits that include screenwriting Marvel’s Thor, as well as X-Men: First Class.

Stentz wasn’t the only talent to make an impression after this week’s “The Runaway Dinosaur,” as director Kevin Smith was also invited to return for an episode in Season 3. For the moment at least, it remains unclear if Stentz would write Smith’s next episode, or work in a more general consulting capacity, while writing on his other projects.

In the meantime, The Flash will air its penultimate Season 2 episode this coming Tuesday, photos and trailers of which can be found below. What should we expect from Season 3 and beyond?

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