The X-Men franchise timeline isn’t getting any simpler, and certainly not by the addition of FOX mutant drama The Gifted. Allow series star Stephen Moyer to clarify, as  the Bryan Singer-directed drama fits somewhere within the X-Men universe, though “we’re not allied.”

Moyer attempted to break down The Gifted place in the X-Universe in conversation with CTV’s etalk, in the process pointing toward fellow outliers like Logan and Legion. It seems the series theoretically exists somewhere along the timeline, but isn’t about to start sharing characters or storylines:

Within the X-Men films, we’re sort of not allied to them or positioned within that. There are obviously mutant characters that have a place in the comic books. Some of them are different, some of them are sort of related in some way. But in terms of timeline, because obviously we just had Logan which was a lot further forward and obviously Legion which is a lot further back. So we definitely slot into a timeline, but as of yet, we’re not allied. I think they have given themselves a lot of leeway in order to be able to go places, but we’ve enough story within our universe to propel us forward without having to do that.

In the meantime, so reads the series synopsis overall:

Reed and Caitlin are two normal suburban parents whose lives get thrown into chaos when they discover that their children possess mutant powers in THE GIFTED.

Teens Lauren and Andy are involved in an incident at their high school which reveals their mutual powers to the world, forcing their parents to flee their old lives in order to protect their children. The Strucker family goes on the run from the government agency the Sentinel Services, which includes Agent Jace Turner, who is determined to protect the rest of the population from mutants. And things are made even more complicated by the fact that Reed is a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office tasked with going after mutants, which is why his children hid their powers from him for as long as possible.

But with the family on the run, their only hope comes in the form of an underground network that helps mutants in trouble — and it’s full of mutants dealing with their own issues.

In addition to True Blood alum Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker and Gotham alum Natalie Alyn Lind, also cast in the series is Emma Dumont as Lorna Dane/Polaris, Coby Bell, Sean Teale as Eclipse, Jamie Chung as Marvel mutant Blink (who Singer had previously showcased in Days of Future Past) and Switched at Birth star Blair Redford as a Native American mutant leader.

The new drama from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix was previously said to take place in the same universe as the films, though neither Marvel nor 20th Century Fox have offered much clarification as to how.

Watch the first trailers below, and stay tuned for more details of FOX’s X-Men TV series The Gifted in the meantime.

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